After a relentless pursuit spanning four days, authorities finally apprehended terror suspect Daniel Khalife in Chiswick.

On Saturday morning, Daniel Khalife, a former soldier accused of planting a counterfeit explosive device at an RAF base and sharing valuable information with adversaries of the United Kingdom, was apprehended by the Metropolitan Police in Chiswick following confirmed sightings.

The successful arrest occurred shortly before 11:00am, resulting in Khalife being held in custody.

After escaping from HMP Wandsworth earlier that week by disguising himself as a cook and hiding under a delivery lorry, authorities had launched a nationwide search for him since his military dismissal in May.

During his speech at the G20 summit location in New Delhi, the Prime Minister expressed contentment with this development while extending gratitude to both law enforcement officers for their exceptional efforts and members of the public for providing significant leads during their investigations.

Home Office minister Chris Philp expressed his gratitude towards the police force for their quick apprehension of fugitive terror suspect Daniel Khalife.

In a social media post, Philp commended the Metropolitan Police for their efficient work in capturing Khalife without delay. This operation serves as an exemplary display of law enforcement expertise and deserves praise for all participating officers.

Furthermore, on Friday law enforcement offered a £20,000 reward to individuals who could provide valuable information leading to Khalife’s arrest. The accused already faced trial for allegedly planting a hoax bomb at an RAF base and acquiring intelligence that could be useful to terrorists or those opposing the UK’s interests.

According to reports, Khalife managed to escape from prison kitchens at 7:50 am on Wednesday while disguised in a cook’s uniform. It is believed he evaded capture by hiding beneath a food delivery van, which was discovered at 7:32 am attached to the left side of HMP Wandsworth. Just 18 minutes later, at 7:50 am, he was officially declared missing. Authorities were notified at 8:15 am and promptly intercepted the van on Upper Richmond Road near its intersection with Carlton Road at 8:37 am.

Officers pondered over the possibility that Khalife sought refuge by clinging onto the undercarriage of the lorry, evidenced by the discovery of strapping affixed to it. To locate the ex-soldier, officers initiated a lockdown in Richmond Park and subsequently redirected their search operation towards Chiswick.

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