In Pakistan, law enforcement officials have apprehended ten close relatives of Sara Sharif’s father for the purpose of conducting an inquiry.

After the untimely passing of young Sara, who was only 10 years old, Urfan Sharif and his partner made a firm choice to bid farewell to their life in the UK and embark on a fresh start in Pakistan. The police authorities in Pakistan have taken into custody ten close relatives of Sara’s father for […]

After a relentless pursuit spanning four days, authorities finally apprehended terror suspect Daniel Khalife in Chiswick.

On Saturday morning, Daniel Khalife, a former soldier accused of planting a counterfeit explosive device at an RAF base and sharing valuable information with adversaries of the United Kingdom, was apprehended by the Metropolitan Police in Chiswick following confirmed sightings. The successful arrest occurred shortly before 11:00am, resulting in Khalife being held in custody. After […]